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Grand Opening of The Bus Collective

Grand Opening with a Distinguished Guest on 5th November 2023

The grand opening of The Bus Collective was a momentous occasion, held on 5th November 2023, and graced by our Guest of Honour, Dr. Maliki Bin Osman, Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office. His presence added prestige and significance to this remarkable day.

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The Bus Collective: Where Adventure Meets Tranquility

Proudly presenting The Bus Collective, the latest addition to WTS Travel’s collection of exceptional destinations. Our innovative approach to travel experiences has led us to create this one-of-a-kind resort nestled in the heart of Changi Village. The Bus Collective is where modern luxury meets the serenity of nature, offering guests an experience like no other.

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20 Suites: Crafted from Upcycled Buses

What sets The Bus Collective apart is its innovative approach to sustainable luxury. We’ve converted 20 retired buses into unique and beautifully crafted suites. These upcycled accommodations are designed to provide both the comforts of modern living and a serene connection with nature.

The Bus Collective

Why Choose The Bus Collective?

  • Unique Experience: When you stay at The Bus Collective, you become part of a story of transformation and sustainability, experiencing a stay like no other.

  • Immerse in Nature: The resort’s location in Changi Village allows easy access to nature trails, beachfront strolls, and outdoor activities, offering a chance to reconnect with the great outdoors.

  • Sustainable Luxury: Sustainability is at the core of our resort, from eco-friendly practices to responsible tourism. The Bus Collective is a sanctuary for eco-conscious travelers.

  • Unmatched Comfort: Don’t be fooled by the unconventional exterior. Inside, you’ll find modern amenities, comfortable bedding, and all the luxuries expected from a high-end resort.

Book Your Unique Getaway

Start planning your stay at The Bus Collective and experience the extraordinary. We look forward to welcoming you to this exceptional destination that seamlessly blends adventure and tranquility.

To find out more, do head over to – https://www.thebuscollective.com/